This Adorable Cat With 4 Ears Is Taking Instagram by Storm

Midas the kitten isn't letting her extra appendages slow her down one bit.

If you're active on the animal side of Instagram, chances are you already know about Midas, the cat with four ears who's become the newest social media darling.

Midas, who looks to be a Russian blue, was most likely born with an extra set of ears thanks to a recessive gene inherited from her parents. She was adopted by a woman in Turkey named Canis Dosemeci, who told reporters 4-month-old Midas was born as part of a litter of strays in a friend's yard. Rather than let her roam the streets, Dosemeci brought the kitten home, where she hopes that Midas will fit in nicely with her two other pets, a dog and another cat.

grey cat with four ears
Courtesy of midas_x24 / Instagram

In the realm of adorable cat mutations, four-eared cats aren't unheard of. Back in 2018, a four-eared, one-eyed fellow named Frankenkitten even became the face of a rescue pet adoption campaign in Australia. Perhaps because the presence of four ears is a benign mutation that doesn't seem to negatively affect the cats' lives, people just love to shower these little kitties with affection.

So it's no surprise that when Dosemeci set up an Instagram account for Midas a month ago, the kitten became an instant sensation. She's already amassed nearly 50,000 followers, all of whom are smitten with the little cat's big, round eyes, extra set of ears, and heart-shaped patch of fur on her chest.

Dosemeci says while the extra ears don't give Midas superhero hearing, they don't seem to hurt her, and the kitten is leading a perfectly happy and healthy life in her new home.

"She is a very playful cat, but very friendly as well," Dosemeci told the Daily Mail.

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