Make sure you keep your potato mashers away from your cat this Thanksgiving, I guess?

Augustas the orange cat has some 'splainin to do. Just how did he get stuck inside a potato masher? 

His owner recorded the immediate aftermath and posted the video to TikTok. It shows Augustas wearing the utensil—more commonly known as the infuriating thing that keeps you from opening your cutlery drawer—like a high-waisted belt. He rolls and even jumps around to try to free himself from the masher. 

"This is why you don't climb on the freakin' counters!" his mom says. "Augustas calm down! Mommy's got you." 

orange cat stuck in a potato masher
Credit: Courtesy of macponthetrack / TikTok

Unfortunately, the video, viewed 56.6 million times, doesn't reveal how Augustas actually wedged himself in there. It sounds like he got up on a counter, and we know cats can basically melt themselves into any shape. So maybe he was up there and tried to get to something through the potato masher? 

Either way, he seems free of his spud-crushing prison and is loving life in the sink and with his big brother. Phew. 

So how can you avoid this? I guess—and I suppose this qualifies as "advice"—by making sure your potato masher is always put away when you're not using it. So maybe keep that in mind when your cat is patrolling the kitchen during Thanksgiving. Speaking of Thanksgiving: It's soon! So make sure you know what your pets can eat and what they definitely shouldn't. Don't let a trip to the veterinarian interrupt your annual National Dog Show viewing.