Practiced in the art of deception, this cunning tabby doesn’t back away when his cover is blown.

Cats are über stealthy. They slink about, lurk around, and paw-attack from underneath the bed before dashing away to a corner in the house you didn't even know existed. So it's really no stretch of the imagination to think of them as spies. They have nine lives, after all—and probably different aliases for each!

But it's rare for them to be caught in the act of surveillance, as this adorable Polish tabby cat was recently. Practiced in the art of deception, he didn't shy away when popular TikTok celebrity Malen turned her camera his way as he peeked around a window, but simply deflected with a few direct meows. He knows his cover is likely blown, but he'll salvage the operation any way he can. 

What was he saying? Nearly 3 million people who watched the TikTok video wonder. Since protecting the mission is his first priority, we can only guess, but he brazenly stands his ground.

"Madam, is this your apartment?"
"I'm expecting a package—have you seen it?"
"Beware! That man in the parking lot is a spy!" (See? Stealthy.)

After all, a good intelligence officer always has a solid backstory to fit any situation, especially if he believes he's compromised. Watch him in action in the video below.

So if you think your darling furball is ignoring you, don't take it personally. Maybe he's just undercover.

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