We like to think of Daily Paws as a place of solace these days, where you can unwind and look at puppies on a train, the adorable Henry Wee Wheels, or this perfect snoot-booping station.

Well, forget all of that for the moment because we’re gonna really stress you out for a few seconds with the video above. 

A second-floor apartment in Harlem, New York City, caught fire on Saturday afternoon after a dispute, the New York Daily News reports. Seven people were hurt in the blaze, which raged on as an orange cat hung half out the window. 

The video shows the cat pondering his jump to safety as the frightening flames roar behind him. Below, police officers wait with their arms outstretched to catch the cat. After a few heart-stopping seconds, the cat lets go—not really jumping—and falls down to the ground, missing the officers. The cat’s fur was evidently singed as a trail of smoke followed. 

A man nearby hands the cat, whose hindquarters looked to be burned, to a police officer before he can escape. The Daily News reports that Animal Care Centers of New York City has taken the cat in, naming him Tom Cat. The centers said Tom is in “pretty good shape.” 

Tom’s going to be OK, that scary video is over, and we can now go back to our regularly scheduled programming of cute cats and dogs doing cute things.