Talk about a way-too-long layover.

black and white cat peeking over ledge
Credit: Sabrina Bekeschus / EyeEm / Getty

This cat isn’t Tom Hanks, but she did find herself staying in an airport much, much longer than anyone should. 

Authorities found Nala, an 8-month-old kitten, in the cargo hold area of the Indira Gandhi International Airport on Tuesday after four days of searching, The Hindu reports. (Thankfully, Nala’s stay pales in comparison to Hanks, whose character in The Terminal was stranded at an airport for months.)

Nala’s owner, Aastha Shah, had flown Air India from Bengaluru to Delhi with Nala and her other cat. Nala somehow managed to escape the cat carrier in the plane’s cargo hold and then escaped the plane, The Hindu writes. Shah ended up staying in Delhi instead of continuing her travel.

Airport staff began searching the entire airport, eventually calling in Wildlife SOS, an Indian wildlife preservation nonprofit, to try to find Nala. They placed food around the airport to lure Nala out, and when they did find her, they took hours trying to coax the “terrified and hungry” cat out, a Wildlife SOS spokesman told The Hindu.

They succeeded, much to the relief of a distressed Shah. 

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