This cat should’ve run up on the podium, too.

running cat
Credit: Nils Jacobi / Getty

This is something they probably don’t prepare you for during years and years of training to become an elite sprinter. 

The seven athletes in the 100-meter final at the U20 Balkan Championships in Istanbul, Turkey, over the weekend had their race interrupted by a cat who dashed across the track just as the athletes reached the finish line. 

According to video from The Guardian, our furry friend hit the track as the runners entered the final 10 meters. Turkey’s Umut Uysal crossed the finish line first in 10.35 seconds followed by Ukraine’s Andrii Vasyliev in 10.47. 

Then, according to the Daily Paws Sports Replay Team (this author pausing the Youtube video repeatedly), the unnamed cat crosses the line, edging third-place human Oğuz Uyar of Turkey and narrowly missing the spiked left foot of Romania’s Robert Birsa. 

Therefore, the Daily Paws International Athletic Committee has no other choice but to award the 100-meter bronze medal to this unnamed cat. We expect the final results to be amended shortly.