Laying nonchalantly on a ledge, our furry friend can snag just about anything with his claws.

My goodness, this cat can catch anything with just a single paw.

Video of the feline equivalent to Randy Moss comes from TikTok account _max_and_sam_. The white-footed cat lounges on a second-floor ledge, the perfect perch from which to catch anything and everything thrown his way. 

cat sitting on a high ledge and catching a bag of hamburger buns
Credit: Courtesy of _max_and_sam_ / TikTok

In the 33-second video posted Nov. 19, the cat nonchalantly nabs: 

  • A pillow
  • A beanie
  • A hat
  • A bag of hamburger buns
  • A roll of paper towels (kind of)
  • A potted houseplant(!)

The video of the sure-handed cat—thanks to the claws, we think—has generated more than 29 million views and comments from professional sports franchises, including the Detroit Lions and Atlanta Falcons, a pair of franchises who could definitely use some receiving help. 

Our furry friend isn't done, though. Last week, his owners posted a more festive version of his debut video. This time, he catches: a small basket, a holiday wreath, a Seattle Mariners hat, a Christmas stocking, a shoe, and a sports bra. He does it all to the tune of John Fogerty's "Centerfield," which I assume all American ballpark DJs are forced to play under penalty of death. 

What could this incredibly talented cat catch next? Honestly, with paws like this, it seems like the sky (OK, maybe the ceiling) is the limit. An ice cream cone? An encyclopedia? Maybe even a carton of eggs? We're sure his humans have something in the works, but just in case, thought we'd throw up (sorry)a few ideas to raise the bar.