The Biden family's German shepherds are well on their way to becoming the most popular members of the President-elect's family.
Joe and Jill Biden with Champ
Credit: Instagram / @joebiden

Here at Daily Paws, it's our jobs to track all things pet-related. It's a ruff gig following dog and cat news all day, but someone's gotta do it. And that includes the recent election update that President-elect Joe Biden's dogs Champ and Major will be moving into the White House next January.

The German shepherd duo has been the talk of the Internet all week, with social media users sharing their excitement about the news that Major will be the first dog adopted from a shelter to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

But there's one thing about the canine crew that has us scratching our heads: The dogs' social media accounts (or lack thereof, depending on whom you ask). The two fluffy bois appeared to launch Twitter and Instagram handles earlier this week, flooding our feeds with adorable photos of the future First Fur Family.

Screenshot of Biden dogs Champ and Major Twitter fan account
Credit: @firstdogsusa on Twitter

But just as quickly as they appeared with the hashtag #DOTUS (short for Dogs Of The United States—a play on the acronym for POTUS, which stands for President Of The United States), the handles were gone. Twitter users reported that the account had been suspended, and that their social media presence was not affiliated with the Biden family.

Dog fans were quick to express their disappointment. The vacuum created in the Internet once the unverified handles disappeared from Instagram and Twitter opened up room for even more fan accounts for Champ and Major, with one account claiming that "people of different paw-litical affiliations" had been reporting their posts as suspicious. 🤣 And after an election season as stressful as this one, we'd like to give a tip of our hat to such a solid politics-themed pet pun and the influx of dog photos that peppered our Twitter feed—even if it means they aren't official accounts endorsed by the pups' owners.

Daily Paws has been unable to confirm if any of the Champ and Major Biden social media accounts are actually run by the Biden family (or the dogs themselves, since German shepherds are considered one of the smartest breeds around). Or if the President-elect has plans to launch digital personas for the pups any time soon. But either way, this influx of fan accounts shows that dog people everywhere are ready to welcome our furry friends back to the White House after a four-year hiatus ... and that's something every animal lover can get excited about.