“Oh hai goat! Hai pig! Hai chickens!” Bea simply has to reach out and say hello—or steal a sandwich!

When a CatTok surges to the front of the queue, it's usually because the cuteness is too tempting to resist. Making millions of #catsoftiktok fans smile right now is Bea, a curious little tabby at Look Ahead Vet in Oroville, Calif. 

Veterinary nurse Crystal Bessmer dedicates her account to the exploits of the hospital's six rescue cats, obviously all adorable. But people simply can't get enough of darling Bea's gentle touches. "I want her to pet me..." posted one viewer. "This is literally the ONLY video I needed to see today!" said another.

Last week, Bessmer posted this hilarious Bea compilation video, featuring a full-racked ram representing the hospital staff and the pointed directive, "Try not to touch everything." 

cat who loves to tap everyone and everything
Credit: Courtesy of crystalbessmer / TikTok

Does sweet Bea listen? Noooo.

  • Is this a goat? Poke.
  • What do these chickens feel like? A slight paw slip into the cage, just to find out.
  • Fierce cat pal with ears back? A calming paw of comfort.
  • Webpage not refreshing? Lemme see if I can fix it.
  • Hey, is this a tuna fish sandwich? I'mma want some of that. 

This video has more than 2.6 million views because Bea just charms everyone with her kitty love.

Kind of like the dog who pets other dogs at daycare, there isn't a single animal Bea won't lay paws on or seems to be afraid of, even when her attention isn't exactly wanted. (Some of those kitty pals aren't having it!) Viewers theorize that maybe as she observes her humans tending to creatures, she's trying to do the same. Or that she considers it her job to watch out for their welfare. 

Or you know, the epitome of cat plus curiosity is Bea.

Bessmer's other inquisitive Bea TikToks attract just as much attention from cat lovers all over the world. Perhaps we're all living vicariously through her, wanting to boop the snoot of a pig or stroke a squirrel's tail. One thing is certain: We'd totally welcome a paw pat from Bea anytime!