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Keeping up with the cats and kittens has never been easier! These stories show how pets make a difference in the lives of us unworthy humans all over the world with their big hearts and wagging tails. Be the first to get the scoop (literally) on all the latest pet news and breaking stories.

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Prove Your Pooch's Cuteness Factor in PEOPLE Magazine's World's Cutest Rescue Dog Contest
Submit your adorable pup by Aug. 10 for a chance to win the title and a donation to your favorite animal rescue organization.
As Seresto Flea Collars Come Under More Scrutiny, Here's What Dog Owners Should Consider
A Congressional subcommittee called for the Seresto collars to be recalled. Here's why—and what you should do next.
Could This Drug Help Our Dogs Live Longer? Researchers Are Testing Rapamycin to Find Out
Most people would do just about anything to extend the lives of their pets. And right now, researchers with the Dog Aging Project are testing a pill, rapamycin, that could do just that.

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Owning a Pet Over Age 65 May Help Keep You Mentally Fit As You Age, Study Finds
Researchers from the University of Michigan studied senior citizens with pets and those without pets over a period of six years, and the results were encouraging for pet owners. Treats all around!
Badminster Dog Show on SNL: How We'd Help the Troubled Dogs in This Hilarious Skit

These four pups have some very relatable problems that lots of dog parents face. Good thing we at Daily Paws have an expert who can help.