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Keeping up with the cats and kittens has never been easier! These stories show how pets make a difference in the lives of us unworthy humans all over the world with their big hearts and wagging tails. Be the first to get the scoop (literally) on all the latest pet news and breaking stories.

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'Here Through No Fault of Their Own': Hero Vet Nurse Jill Elston on Healing Rescue Animals
Her colleagues call her place “Mama Jill’s Home for Lost Souls” because she won’t turn any animals away, no matter what they’ve been through.
Spooky Season Is Here: Watch a 'Ghost' Take Off This Dog's Collar in Viral Video
We’re not saying it was a ghost. But we’re also not saying it wasn’t a ghost...
Pennsylvania Man Saved From Drowning Thanks to His 3-Legged Dog Named Tater Tot
Without Tater Tot causing a commotion, his owner probably wouldn’t have survived.
No Big Surprise: Survey Says 1 in 4 People Prefer Sharing a Bed With Their Dogs Over Their Partners
When given a choice between a flippy-floppy snoring human and a sweet snuggly furball, we’re surprised it’s not 4 out of 4 people, frankly.

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Have You Heard of the Simba Cam at Baseball Games?

If you've ever had the desire to lift your small dog into the air like baby Simba on top of Pride Rock, you'll want to read this first.