Heck, I'd do it for half what some people are paying for this service.
woman walking Yorkshire Terrier
Credit: Nenov / Getty

If you need to generate some extra cash as the holidays approach, I have good news. The best solution involves dogs. 

Preply, an online tutoring service, scoured online job listings to find the best-paying side jobs across the country. The No. 1 gig? Dog walking. 

According to the Preply study, the average hourly earnings for a dog walker comes in quite high at $43. That seems accurate for dog walkers in Brentwood or something, but even half that on top of your regular job can net a few extra thousand dollars a year. Then you have a bit of spare cash for Christmas presents—or a treat yo self day.   

Dog walking is apparently the highest-paid side hustle in 16 states, rivaling the likes of freelance writing and designing, babysitting, and personal training. But how do you become the best dog walker you can to unlock *finance bro voice* maximum ROI

We have some tips to get you started: 

Stock up on supplies: You'll need treats, especially if you find yourself having to teach a puppy how to walk. You'll need more poop bags than you think. Go ahead and put rolls in the pocket of every jacket you have. 

Get the right gear: The dogs' owners might provide these, but make sure you have a decent leash—nothing retractable or bungee-like—and a harness for dogs who might be a bit enthusiastic when exploring the outdoors. 

Good shoes: You'll be walking a lot each day, so you want to be as comfortable as possible

Patience: Dogs should have as much time to sniff on walks as they want. It exercises their bodies and minds while improving their mental health. Returning a tired, pleased dog can help you reel in the big bucks. 

The right clothes (for both of you): You don't want to be too hot or too cold, so pack some layers for yourself. If it's chilly, chat with your clients' owners to see if they have jackets or shoes for their pups.   

Good lighting: Chances are you'll be walking in the dark at some point, so make sure you have some illumination on you and the dogs. That way cars and TikTok viewers will have no trouble seeing you. (We need more dog-walker influencers.)  

Basic knowledge of canine warning signs: When out and about, you'll want to be sure your dogs are comfortable. So make sure you know whether they're anxious, stressed, or afraid. When you see some warning signs, it's time to head home. 

Love dogs: I would hope that's pretty obvious, but you never know.