It's a fast food lover's dream date.

As much as we may hate to admit it, we all love fast food. After a long day, there's just nothing better than hopping in the car and taking a quick joyride with your dog to the drive-thru. And there's no shame in sneaking your pup a bite or two on the drive home (as long as the snack is safe for dogs to eat, of course), but our extra spoiled furry friends deserve a bit more. Luckily, many chain restaurants offer secret dog menus with dog-friendly treats and snacks! 

In-N-Out, the popular West Coast burger joint, is one of the fast food chains that will cater to your pooch. The chain is well known for its not-so-secret menu, but over on the Daily Paws' TikTok page, we recently showcased a secret menu item you may not know about: The Pup Patty. 

The Pup Patty is a plain, unsalted, broiled hamburger. There's no bun, condiments, or toppings to pick off, and it's cooked without any toxic seasonings like onion or garlic, making it a safe treat for pups to enjoy. The best part? The Pup Patty—and most other secret dog menu fast food items—are free of charge. 

Daily Paws' own TikTok star Hige had the pleasure of putting the Pup Patty to the test, and it looks like he approves:

While the Pup Patty and other secret dog menu fast food items are made safe for pups, it's still important to be cautious when feeding these treats to your dog. Small dogs will need the patty broken up into smaller chunks to avoid choking. And high-fat foods are not healthy for any pup's diet, so fast food snacks like these ones shouldn't be a regular addition. If your dog is celebrating their birthday or surviving a trip to the vet, it's probably OK to give him an extra treat like this—but just don't overdo it. (And always ask your vet first if you have questions about what ingredients are safe for your doggo or if your pup is on a special diet.)

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