Without Kimber, who alerted human rescuers to the location of the trapped person, the survivor might not have lived.

K9 Rescue Dog
Credit: Courtesy of DC Fire and EMS

We know we don't deserve dogs, but mounting evidence is suggesting they're simply better than us humans.

Kimber, a Washington, D.C., search-and-rescue dog, is the latest example. A building in our capital city collapsed on Thursday, and she and her D.C. Fire and EMS colleagues were called in to help. That's when she helped find a man who was trapped in the rubble, WUSA reports.

The FEMA-certified dog is faster and nimbler than her human counterparts, and she also has an incredibly valuable resource—her nose that can sniff out survivors in the rubble. According to WUSA, Kimber, who looks to be at least part Belgian Malinois, descended beneath the rubble and found the survivor. She let the humans on duty know exactly where he was, and they extracted him.

"The dog is a force-multiplier. So, where we would have to have people hand-dig or search physically, the dog can sense with its nose where the victim is," firefighter Chris Holmes, Kimber's handler, told the TV station. "And not only sense where the victim is, but let us know if a victim is alive or deceased. So the dog is looking for live, concealed human scent, and that's what she did today."

It's not from last week, but here's what it looks like when Kimber searches for survivors. 

It was the first time Kimber located someone trapped in a collapsed building. According to NBC Washington, the worker was trapped under three floors' worth of debris with only 8 inches of space around him. Firefighters used saws, pry bars, and their hands to free him. 

It looks like Kimber may have very well helped save his life.

"We've seen these before where the people didn't [live]," Fire Chief John Donnelly told NBC Washington, "so he was definitely blessed today."