The youngster's odd behavior was keeping his owner up in the middle of the night, helping her discover the fire.
young Golden Lab looking up at camera
Credit: Sharon / Adobe Stock

A pacing, fussy puppy is never a welcome sight, but in this case, Skipper the golden retriever's agitation might've saved his family from its burning home. 

Around 2:30 a.m. on Feb. 10, Skipper was refusing to settle down in his home in Charlotte County, Fla., according to news station WINK. At first, his owner, Evonne Pugh, thought the 6-month-old pup was making weird noises because she had family members visiting. Unable to sleep, she looked out the window. 

"I got up, and I just pulled the blinds open a little, and I just saw my whole grill area just shooting up in flames," Pugh told WINK. 

She was able to get everyone out of the house quickly and call firefighters, who extinguished the small blaze before it swallowed the rest of her home. She'd used the grill the night before and figured one of its embers was still lit.

The fire destroyed her grill and left the adjacent exterior wall blackened.

"Had Skipper had not, you know, alerted me, I don't know when I would've known," Pugh told WINK. "He is a hero, and we all feel pretty fortunate that he was here."

We don't know for sure how Skipper knew something was wrong, but our dogs do boast incredibly powerful ears and noses, so he could've smelled or heard the small fire before the humans in the house. 

But we do know he's a hero who saved his home and family, deserving any and all treats he can get his paws on.