Dai Bao, the hero dog who protected his family, is laid to rest in Malaysia following cobra attack.

Rest in peace, Dai Bao, the pet Siberian husky who gave his life defending his family's home. 

As reported by Oriental Daily and translated by Says.com, Dai Bao was alone outside of his family's home in Taiping, Perak, Malaysia when a venomous cobra slithered onto the property. In an attempt to protect his family from potential harm, Dai Bao attacked the massive four-foot-long snake. Though the brave husky managed to significantly injure the cobra, Dai Bao did not leave the fight unscathed.

Dai Bao's owner told Malaysian newspaper Guangming Daily that she discovered her husky with the dangerous snake in his mouth after investigating an alarming bark outside. Dai Bao reportedly loosened his bite upon her arrival, causing the injured snake to fall to the ground—revealing the husky's bloody nose, swollen eyebrows, and additional serious injuries. It was obvious the heroic husky had been bitten. 

Siberian Husky
Credit: Courtesy of Yap Y.F.

Once the snake was under control, Dai Bao's owner rushed to seek medical attention for the husky at the vet clinic and received news no pet owner wants to hear. 

"The veterinarian told my family to be mentally prepared because there is no venom antiserum in Malaysia," Dai Bao's owner writes in a Facebook post. (Editor's note: The Facebook images of Dai Bao after the incident may be disturbing to readers.)

Dai Bao was given injections and an IV drip, but the treatment was not enough to save the brave husky's life from the venomous cobra's fatal bite. 

This heartbreaking tragedy was not the first instance of hardship for Dai Bao. His owner's Facebook post says the husky spent his first four years of life as a malnourished stray and had contracted various skin diseases before being adopted by the family in 2019.

Dai Bao—who was reportedly named after the main character in the Disney movie Dumbo by his family's children—was eventually able to recover his health, gain weight, and provide his family with many joyful memories throughout his short life upon his adoption, according to his owner.

Dai Bao will reportedly lay to rest in one of his all-time favorite places to play: beneath a large tree next to the family's home. Our thoughts are with the family of this beloved pet and eternal hero.