"Piran the cat saved the day!" police wrote.
rescuer going down embankment where woman fell down
Credit: Courtesy of the Bodmin Police Station

When you think of a pet who saves the day, odds are you conjure an image of a heroic dog. But when an elderly pet owner found herself stuck down a 70-foot embankment all alone, it was her trusty cat Piran who came to the rescue. 

Officers in Bodmin, England, had been searching for the missing 83-year-old woman on Saturday when they received an essential tip. Eleanor Richards, a police community support officer with the Bodmin Police Department, tells Daily Paws that a neighbor named Tamar Longmuir noticed the woman's cat meowing near the corner of a cornfield near her home.

Longmuir had joined the community's search efforts and was out looking for the woman when she spotted the black cat, named Piran. The cat's meowing led authorities to discover the woman who had fallen down a 70-foot embankment into a wooded area. A drop that deep would be alarming for anyone to endure, so it was especially troubling for someone in her 80s. 

The Bodmin Police Department describe the area as having "incredibly difficult access and uneven terrain," so they enlisted the help of Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service to get her out of the gulch. Rescuers sprang into action with help from their specialist water rescue team and Cornwall Air Ambulance, and loaded her onto a stretcher to extract her from the extremely steep embankment. The woman was in stable condition when the helicopter flew her to a hospital.

The department shared updates about the heroic rescue in a Facebook post. "Whilst the lady concerned is still currently receiving care, she is in good spirits and is being well looked after." The loyal pet received a well-deserved shout-out for their help, too: "Piran the cat saved the day! 🐱" 

Cat helps rescue older woman who fell down embankment
Credit: Courtesy of the Bodmin Police Station

We couldn't agree more. And while no one wants to find themselves in a tricky spot like this one, we can only hope that our beloved pets would do the same for us if we found ourselves in a similar sticky situation.