Brandy was stuck in the woods, but both her dog mom and human mom were able to find her and notify first responders.

Mom to the rescue! (As per usual.)

That was the case for 8-month-old golden retriever Brandy on Monday. The pup, who lives in Pennsylvania, had somehow found herself stuck beneath a boulder in Wyoming County, WBRE/WYOU reported.

Brandy had been missing since Sunday evening, a total of about 20 hours. Her owner, Nadia Delicati, searched the woods near their home for her, and eventually Brandy's mom, Bailey, tracked her scent to the hole where she was stuck.

They couldn't dig the dog out, she was wedged in the hole beneath the boulder so tight that she couldn't make a noise. She'd likely chased an animal down there.

"She was there for a while. She was definitely hungry; she was definitely cold," Tunkhannock Township police officer Timothy McCoy told the TV station.

Soon, five firefighters were chipping away at the rock to free Brandy, but they eventually dug to make the hole big enough for the smallest firefighter to crawl down in there: Lake Winola Volunteer Fire Department Lt. Eric Coolbaugh.

"I was able to take a pry bar between the two rocks that had her by the head, put all my weight into it, lifted just enough that her head popped out. Couldn't believe it but it worked out really well," he told the TV station.

Brandy was free! After greeting Delicati with what we're sure were many kisses, she turned to her rescue team.

"We see so many tragic events that something like this, you can get her out safely, and we got lots of kisses and love from the dog. It made our day. It made our day big time," Coolbaugh told WBRE/WYOU.

Thankfully, besides being cold and hungry, the only injury Brandy sustained was a swollen paw.