Bunny was able to run outside and bark for help when her owner fell to the floor.
dog saves owner from stroke
Credit: Devon Clare Banfield / Getty

Four months after she was saved from life as a stray pup, Bunny the pit bull mix did some saving of her own—raising enough of a ruckus to help her owner who was having a stroke.

Canton, Ohio, resident Chad Mason adopted black-and-white Bunny last spring, according to a report from WEWS. She was a stray dog who visited Mason as he was moving into his home, even crawling under his leg. He took her to the Stark County dog warden before adopting her from the shelter a week later after he was promised "first crack" at taking her home. 

Later that year, Mason had a stroke while in the bathroom. 

"I remember hitting the floor. My right side didn't work. My dog started freaking out," Mason told WEWS. "She sure the heck knew something was wrong."  

He somehow managed to drag himself to the front door to open it, hoping Bunny would get someone to come help him. She ran to the end of their driveway and began non-stop barking. It worked, as neighbor Misty Gore came by to see what was going on. 

That's when Mason rolled himself outside, WEWS reported. Gore ran back to her house to fetch her phone, Bunny in tow. Ambulance called, she sat with Mason and Bunny to wait for it to arrive. 

"I think she's amazing," Gore told WEWS. "She saved his life."

Mason has since embarked on his recovery and his speech has improved, all thanks to Bunny.