The 11-year-old Great Dane/greyhound mix fell into an uncovered manhole that was obscured by thick grass.
rescue of black dog in Waco
Credit: Courtesy of Waco Fire Department

A Texas firefighter lowered himself 20 feet into a tight, dark sewer pipe to rescue a dog who'd fallen 20 feet into the uncovered pipe over the weekend. 

According to Texas news outlet KWTX, Waco firefighters arrived at the uncovered manhole Saturday morning after a man reported that his 11-year-old dog, a sweet senior named Bandit, had fallen into the opening. The firefighters' "tight space team" set up a tripod and harness before lowering firefighter Nick Guerrero into the pipe.

As you can see in the dramatic video, it was a pretty dang tight fit with both the dog (a sizable greyhound-Great Dane mix) and human having to mind their extremities. Onlookers reassured the pup by saying, "It's OK, Bandit" as he reached the surface.   

"It worked really well," Waco Fire Department Battalion Chief Patrick Kerwin told KWTX . "We practice this kind of stuff all the time. It was very successful."

The rescue took about two hours, and Bandit was unhurt but likely pretty stressed after falling 20 feet down the dark hole. 

While we can't confirm it, we have to assume someone exclaimed "Save Bandit!" during the rescue. Thankfully, this turned out much better for dog Bandit than his feline counterpart in the accounting department's ceiling on The Office. 

(Side note: Angela Kinsey, the actress who uttered the famous line and real-life pet lover, went to Baylor University, located, coincidentally enough, in Waco. Angela—please become a Daily Paws ambassador. I will also accept a guest appearance on Office Ladies.)