Roger's 94-year-old neighbor was wedged in his car's footwell, stuck there in the cold for almost 24 hours.
dog saves man trapped in car
Credit: Clive / Adobe Stock

When an elderly neighbor was dangerously stuck in the floor of his car for nearly 24 hours, it was Roger who came to the rescue. 

Roger, a Jack Russell terrier and poodle mix, last month ran away from his Ringwood, England, home and into his neighbor's garage, according to the Bournemouth Daily Echo. His owner followed and found 94-year-old Morris Cohen caught in his car's footwell. 

"I owe my life to that dog," Cohen told the newspaper. "They said if I would've been there for a few more hours, I would have been a goner." 

On Dec. 6, Cohen was getting out of his car when his walking stick snapped. He fell into the footwell and became "wedged" under the brake and clutch pedals, the Daily Echo reported. He was firmly stuck, and his family was away. 

No one could hear his calls for help, so he remained stuck overnight as temperatures dropped. Cohen could feel the hypothermia setting in. 

Around 10 a.m. the next day, Roger arrived, sniffing around the open garage after, perhaps, hearing Cohen's yells for help, according to the newspaper. Roger—fabulous human dog name by the way—didn't leave his side.

Eventually, Frances Wall, Roger's owner, came to get her dog and found Cohen. She and her brother couldn't get Cohen out, so they called emergency services. Three firefighters freed him and took him to a hospital, the Daily Echo reported. 

Cohen remained there for 10 days before returning home—with a Christmas stocking of dog treats for Roger.