Sunny, a 5-year-old former street cat, didn't appreciate the desert dog poking around his yard.

Never question the bravery of this cat who chased a coyote away from his home in Arizona. 

According to FOX 10 in Phoenix, 5-year-old Sunny was outside his house last Friday around 2 a.m. The black-and-white cat—who used to live on the street—still likes to hang out outside where he can still be on the lookout for prey, his mom, Kelli Koeller, told the TV station. 

tuxedo cat that chased a coyote
Credit: birdelle / Shutterstock

That might've been what he was doing that early morning. The Koeller's surveillance video recorded a solitary coyote wandering around their yard. That's when the comparatively smaller Sunny sneaks up on the desert canine and chases the barking animal out of the yard.   

"I did not expect to ever see that on camera," Koeller told FOX 10. "I suspected he does that on his own time or whatever, but I just did not expect to see it. And it was amazing to see."

Coyotes are common throughout the continent, so they're something almost every pet owner should be aware of. (We are living in their habitat after all.) That's especially true as temperatures begin to drop, prodding the coyotes to move into more urban areas, Amy Burnett with Arizona Game and Fish told FOX 10. 

So if your house backs up to a rural area—or even if you're just kind of near one—be coyote aware. The scavengers will sometimes go after smaller pets, so maybe some punk-rock protection gear is a good idea for your dog.