This coyote didn't stand a chance when when a black cat decided the wild animal had infringed too far onto their territory.
black cat running in parking lot
Credit: s.juchim / Shutterstock

This coyote certainly got more than it was asking for earlier this week while snooping around a British Columbia parking lot. Namely, an extremely brave cat. 

Video posted by the Port Moody Police Department on Twitter shows the lone coyote wandering around a dark sedan when a dark shape darts toward the wild dog. It's a black cat, who first chased the coyote around the car and into the center of the parking lot. 

That's when the video shows the coyote slow down for a split second as if to ask, "Hey, is that cat really still chasing me?' Indeed. The much-smaller, iron-willed cat then pursued the coyote all the way out of the parking lot. 

So far, people have watched the video more than 26,700 times on Twitter. According to police, the coyote actually didn't immediately return to a pack, and the cat was still patrolling the parking lot the next morning. That's some dedication. 

Common across North America, coyotes are mainly scavengers who hunt prey smaller than them (rodents, for example) or eat garbage or outside pet food. But in rare cases they will attack pets—just ask Danica Patrick.

If you're worried about coyotes in your area, you can follow this guide from The Humane Society of the United States on how to safely deal with them. And if you're still worried—perhaps some punk-rock outfits fitted with spikes might be in order.