Hero Animals

Not all heroes wear capes—some of them just have a fur coat. Read these feel-good stories about some of the bravest pets we know.

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K-9 Officer Arlo Welcomed Home after Shooting Nearly Killed Him: 'It's a Miracle'

A bullet shattered one of his vertebrae, but surgeons were able to save the German shepherd's life. Thankfully, he's now at home looking at an early retirement.

American Kennel Club Honors Five Heroic Dogs in 2020

We can think of no better way to close out this year (bye-bye now!) than by sharing the heroic and loving deeds of these good pups.

More Hero Animals

Puppy Pried from Alligator's Jaws Hired By Florida Sheriff's Office

Gunner will teach kids about safety around wildlife as a part of the Lee County Sheriff's Office's 'Deputy Dogs' program.

Carrots the Blind Therapy Cat Awarded Medal for Helping Hospice Patients

Carrots, a white and ginger furball of love, is recognized with the United Kingdom’s prestigious Blue Cross Medal for his healing services.