Hero Animals

Not all heroes wear capes—some of them just have a fur coat. Read these feel-good stories about some of the bravest pets we know.

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After Heartbreaking Abuse, Boone the Therapy Dog Helps People and Disabled Dogs Overcome Their Own Challenges
From suffering unbelievable cruelty to becoming the face of a nonprofit, Boone’s calm personality has always shined through.
Abused and Abandoned, Hero Dog Named Deputy Chance Now Fights Against Animal Cruelty
Found in appalling circumstances, the sweet rescue pooch has transformed into the perfect spokesdog to prevent animals from suffering like he did.

More Hero Animals

After Being Pulled from Tornado Rubble, Pit Bull Named Little Man Now Saves Others as Search and Rescue Dog
An intrepid trauma survivor, this hero dog award finalist is on the front line between life and death.
Meet Birdie and Friends, the Adorable Sea Tow Dogs Who Spend Their Days Helping Boaters in Distress
This happy-go-lucky Weimaraner is one of a group of dogs who help their captains as they provide assistance to boaters in need.

Dolphins Alert Rescue Crew to Lost Swimmer Who Had Been Stranded for 12 Hours 

A lost swimmer was found off the coast of Ireland when rescuers spotted him surrounded by a pod of dolphins.