Hero Animals

Not all heroes wear capes—some of them just have a fur coat. Read these feel-good stories about some of the bravest pets we know.

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Labrador's Barks Helps Rescuers Locate Texas Woman Who'd Been Missing for 3 Days
Max and his human had been stranded in a Texas park for days when his barks finally led rescuers to them.
Watch the Ukrainian President Award Medal to Patron, the Hero Terrier Who Sniffs Out Hundreds of Explosives
Along with finding land mines, Patron the Russell terrier also educates children and serves as a symbol of Ukraine's fortitude against Russia.
Family's German Shepherd Sticks with 5-Year-Old Boy Who Escaped Home Until Rescuers Arrive
When his kiddo decided to take a walk, Alejandro the German shepherd didn’t miss a beat, even jumping into a police car with little Jose.
Skipper the Golden Retriever Puppy Saves Family, Home From Grill Fire: 'He Is a Hero'
The youngster's odd behavior was keeping his owner up in the middle of the night, helping her discover the fire.
Labrador Guide Dog O'Hara and Her Human Have Formed the Perfect Partnership
Bella Savannah's rare disease has damaged her vision, but she's set to graduate college with the help of her guide dog, O'Hara.

More Hero Animals

Watch as Airport Detection Dog Gets the Sendoff of Every Pup's Dream
This doggie retirement party is like the canine version of a gold watch and cake.
'I Just Froze': After Attack on New York Street, Woman Finds Comfort in Her Fellow Dog Owners
Butter the rescue beagle mix was there to remind Yukari Yamahiro what unconditional love looks like when she needed it the most.
Paws for Life K9 Rescue Program is Changing Hearts in an Unlikely Place

This incredible program is giving second chances to shelter dogs and incarcerated people.