The company is recalling some cans of wet food after they misidentified as a low-fat, prescription product.
dog eating wet dog food from bowl; Purina Pro Plan recall
Credit: Daily Paws / Brie Goldman

Purina is recalling a small amount of low-fat wet dog food after cans of a completely different food were labeled incorrectly. 

Nestlé Purina PetCare Company announced last week that it's voluntarily recalling some of its Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets EN Gastroenteric Low Fat (PPVD EN Low Fat) food because those cans might hold another product.

According to Purina, some cans of Purina ONE True Instinct Tender Cuts In Gravy With Real Turkey & Venison were mistakenly labeled as the gastroenteric low-fat food on Sept. 15. Nothing is wrong with the food—it's safe for dogs to eat—but it's obviously not the low-fat food some pups are prescribed. 

Pet owners contacted Purina about the mix-up, and the company said it issued the recall as a precaution. It's received no reports of sick dogs. Here are the details of the recalled food, which you can find on the 13.4-ounce can. 

  • UPC code: 38100 17599
  • Best by: SEPT2024
  • Production code: 22581159 L4TR6 (the L4TR6 indicates the mislabeled food)

When you open the can, the low-fat prescribed food should look like a beige paste. The mislabeled food—the turkey and venison—consists of chunks swimming in gravy. 

infographic showing the details of which Purina Pro Plan Dog Food has been recalled
Credit: Courtesy of Nestlé Purina PetCare Company

While there's nothing wrong with the chunky food, Purina says it's not intended for the dogs who are prescribed the low-fat food. The chunky food might be hard for them to digest.

Veterinary offices and prescription-validating retailers sold the food, and Purina has urged them to dispose of it. Same goes for any dog parents who have the misidentified food: Toss it, and Purina will replace it. 

Anyone affected can contact Purina at 1-800-579-7733 or