Both Aldi and Costco in Canada have issued notices about advent calendars they stocked.
dog with pet advent calendar
Credit: Елена Григорович / Adobe Stock

Advent season is over, but some customers should make sure they've thrown away their pet advent calendars or returned them after a pair of notices from Aldi and Costco. 

Grocery store chain Aldi announced Dec. 9 that it was voluntarily recalling Pure Being Cat Advent Calendars and Pure Being Dog Advent Calendars because the calendars posed a potential choking hazard. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration posted the announcement Tuesday. 

Aldi removed the products from its shelves after a "small number" of customer complaints. Any customers still in possession of the calendars should throw them away or return them to their Aldi store for a refund, the company said.

Here are the details on the recalled Aldi calendars, which were made by Pet Brands Products: 

Pure Being Cat Advent Calendar

  • Size: 5.15 ounces
  • UPC code: 4099100267754

Pure Being Dog Advent Calendar

  • Size: 5.15 ounces
  • UPC code: 4099100267747

Across our northern border in Canada, Costco announced last month that anyone who purchased the Irish Rover 2021 Advent Calendar for Dogs between Oct. 1 and Dec. 8 should stop feeding the treats to their pups right away.

In its notice, the company didn't disclose the potential harm the treats could cause, only saying they failed to meet Costco's quality standards. If you have a calendar or two, you can return it to a Costco warehouse for a refund or contact Irish Dog Foods (; 888-671-885) with any questions. 

So if you happen to have a half-finished pet advent calendar still at our house, be sure to check it before letting your dog or cat feast on the remaining treats.