The treats have been linked to salmonella poisoning in three people.
french bulldog standing on his hind legs and getting a treat
Credit: Ksenia Raykova / Getty

Massachusetts authorities are urging pet parents to dispose of Dog Gone Dog Treats after its products were linked to three cases of salmonella poisoning in humans who handled the treats.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health announced Wednesday that three people—two adults in their seventies and a child who all live in Essex County—have been treated for salmonellosis. A state laboratory determined the presence of the salmonella bacteria in one opened bag of Dog Gone Dog Treats and in two unopened bags that were purchased last week. 

Along with customers throwing away their treats, stores are also removing Dog Gone Dog Treats from their inventory. Meanwhile, the company isn't producing any "additional product," the state said.

Dog Gone Dog Treats—which include chicken chips, sweet potato chips, and beef liver— are dehydrated and not fully cooked, the health department said. The treats are sold in Massachusetts at: 

  • Essex County Co-Op in Topsfield
  • New England Dog Biscuit Company in Salem
  • Gimme Chews & Moore in Haverhill
  • Animal Krackers in Gloucester

Food or treats tainted with salmonella can make both people and their pets sick. In dogs, salmonella can cause fever, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and lack of appetite. Plus, dogs can transmit salmonella to other animals and humans. If your dog at any of the Dog Gone Dog Treats or is exhibiting any symptoms, contact your veterinarian immediately. 

Salmonella can cause similar problems in humans: fever, abominable pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea, along with more serious problems including arterial infections, arthritis, muscle pain, endocarditis, eye pain, and urinary tract problems. 

That's why you should always thoroughly was your hands after handling your dog's food or treats. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health also recommends storing your dog's food away from human food and not letting your dogs lick you after they eat.