The storage container that attaches to the bottle may contain lead, which can poison dogs who consume treats that were stored inside.
yellow labrador retriever drinks water as it's poured from bottle into a human hand
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Bindle Bottles announced last week that it's voluntarily recalling its stylish water bottles—including the bottle included in its Puppy Pack collection—because they may contain exposed lead. 

The area of exposed lead sits in the dry storage compartment that attaches to the bottom of the bottle. People use that compartment to store snacks or dog treats, which can be poisoned by the exposed lead. Hence the Bindle water bottle recall. 

No illnesses have been linked to the bottles. Here's what else you should know:

What Products Does the Bindle Water Bottle Recall Affect? 

The recall includes all Bindle bottles, but we'll focus on the Puppy Pack because it affects dog owners. The collection includes the stainless-steel water bottle, the underneath storage container, a collapsible dog bowl, and an over-the-shoulder carrying sleeve.

According to Bindle's announcement, reports from Lead Safe Mama and Consumer Reports noted the risk of lead poisoning and prompted the company to test its bottles. Bindle found that a small, uncovered smoldering dot in the storage container contained lead.       

Bindle has suspended its bottle production pending an overhaul of the manufacturing process. The company, however, says the water bottles are still safe to use, but customers should stop using the dry storage containers. 

Customers can fill out an online form to receive an at-home repair kit to fix the lead issue and resume using the storage container. In its news release, Bindle didn't offer any options for refunds.   

How Does Lead Poisoning Affect Dogs?

According to Bindle's announcement, released alongside the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, dogs can suffer from serious health problems if they eat unpackaged food or treats that were stored in the tainted container. 

Acute lead poisoning in dogs can lead to several signs, according to Bindle, including: 

(The lead poisoning can also result in several serious problems for humans, including damage to our nervous systems and internal organs.) If your dog has eaten anything that was stored in a Bindle bottle, you should contact your veterinarian. Customers can also contact Bindle at

An earlier version of this story referred to Lead Safe Mama as Lead Free Mama. It's been corrected.