One last visit to see Binx has flooded the Internet with tears.
youngster and cat tiktok; toddler walking down the sidewalk with the neighbor's cat
Credit: Courtesy of thecolorfulmother / TikTok

This sweet relationship between a toddler and her feline friend shows an animal-human bond that stands the test of time. Meet Binx: an adorable black cat and his gal-pal human friend named Lainey.

The trending duo first met in March of 2020 when Lainey and her mom, Kelly, started taking walks around their neighborhood. "He took to our daughter quickly and started greeting her as soon as he saw her coming," Kelly says in a TikTok video posted June 10.

In each short scene that spans the past two years, Binx is seen running up to Lainey or Lainey toddling over to visit her furry best friend. Kelly says some days Binx even visits them at their house—you can almost hear the cat purring through the computer screen.

According to the heartwarming video, both Binx and Lainey seemed to come into each other's lives at a crucial time. Kelly captioned one of the scenes with, "He became a sweet friend to her during such isolating times with no kids to play with." Something all pandemic parents can relate to—that need for kiddo companionship even in the furry form.

But, all good things come to an end. The last clip shows an older Lainey (with a new sibling in tow) bounding up Binx's driveway. Except for this time, there's a "for sale" sign planted in the front yard. Cue the broken heart emojis. Say it isn't so?!

At the end of the video, the final driveway meetup is captured and captioned: "We love you Binx," with an older Lainey saying goodbye (for now) to her furry friend. Our animal-loving hearts everywhere hope the two stay forever friends. Their bond is just too strong to let fizzle!

Clearly, the adorable friendship struck a chord with viewers. Amassing over 1.2 million views, fans left comments like "I sobbed at the end—our sweet neighborhood pets definitely hold a place in our hearts," and my personal favorite, "He was there for a reason, stayed for a season, remembered for a lifetime."

If your little one has a strong cat connection, remember to supervise all interactions and keep introductions slow and safe. The animal-human bond can be amazing—and we're here for every update on Binx and Lainey's friendship!