What's more precious: this running duck or the homemade shoes she's wearing?

It's time to bask in the athletic prowess of Wrinkle, the especially spiffy emotional support duck who ran at least part of the New York City Marathon on Sunday. 

The videos of her quick waddling in her homemade red shoes have enthralled millions on TikTok. I honestly don't know whether to call it a stride, strut, or trot, but it seems that Wrinkle, who is a Pekin duck, is enjoying her jog and the adulation of the marathon crowd. She's so confident! 

duck running in the New York marathon
Credit: Courtesy of seducktiv / TikTok

"You got this, little ducky!" one person yells in the video. 

It can't help but make you grin, and one person in the comments of the TikTok video said the footage had made her smile during a bout of depression. "As an official emotional support duck, hearing this makes me feel like I'm doing my job well," Wrinkle's account replied. "Wrinkle loves you." 

For the unfamiliar, emotional support animals are animals, oftentimes dogs, who help someone who dealing with the effects of a "physical or psychological disability," as defined by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Wrinkle also loves running, whether it's at her house (providing some oddly soothing ASMR as she waddles) or out in a field where she's "fast as duck."

When she's not running, Wrinkle loves to swim, offer dating advice, and visit cats at a pet shop. Just don't ask her to pay for anything; you'll have to put it on her bill.

You can follow Wrinkle on TikTok at seducktiv (lol).