Bones? No Bones? It’s the most pressing question of the day.

If you're not well-versed in TikTok trends, you might have found yourself confused in the last few days, hearing friends or co-workers talk about whether today is a "Bones Day" or not. Heck, even if you're fully aware of the 13-year-old pug named Noodle and his daily videos, you may not fully understand just what a '"No Bones" day means for you. Fear not, gentle reader, we've got you covered.

TikTok's latest sensation centers on Noodle and the fact that he's a very old pug. Thanks to his advanced age and the fact that pugs are not world class athletes even in their prime, the first thing Noodle's owner, Jonathan Graziano, tries to assess each morning is whether Noodle feels like standing up. The test is simple and each video starts the same way: Graziano, kneeling behind Noodle's comfy dog bed, lifts the elderly pug up into a more-or-less sitting position, then releases him. If Noodle remains sitting—happy day! We have bones! But if Noodle slumps back down into the bed, this is a no-bones situation.

man testing his pug for a bones or no bones day
Credit: Courtesy of jongraz / TikTok

But what are we mere humans to do with this information, now that we have it? That depends on your outlook. There are some TikTok hardliners who look at it from a very binary point of view: Bones Days are Good, No-Bones Days are Bad

But the outlook in Graziano's videos tends to be more holistic. Bones days are indeed meant for sucking the marrow out of life: Buy those shoes, call that crush, ask for the promotion. Risk takers and fun-havers, these are the days you live for. 

But no-bones days can be just as fulfilling, if perhaps a bit more focused on self-care. (Monday, the day of this writing, is a Bones Day according to Noodle's reaction, which is why I'm writing this post and not curled up in bed starting another stream-sesh of Parks and Rec for the 9,000th time.)

"Ohmygosh, he just got rid of a demon," Graziano says on a #NoBones video in which Noodle shifts slightly then lets out a big yawn. "I think that means you have to confront your demons, whether that's a screenplay or a crappy neighbor."

But little does Noodle know the effect his bones or lack thereof have on TikTokers across the world, who delight in the little fella's morning routine. TikTok user @skeeter.mcgavin_ shares in a recent video that word of Noodle's powers has permeated all the way to the Pentagon, with a staffer starting a meeting with the phrase, "I don't know if today is a Bones Day or not, so let's just get started." You love to see it!

Meanwhile, for users like Aiden (@urmomslinguini on TikTok) a #BonesDay means that your entire morning just got kicked from 'good' to 'great'. Sometimes all you need is that little extra nudge to hit the ground running. For some people, that nudge can come in the form of an optimistic horoscope or putting on a pair of lucky socks. But for thousands of TikTokers, that boost comes in the form of an elderly dog.

But on the other hand, when there are #NoBones. Oh man. While Graziano may preach simple caution and a focus on self, there's a strong contingent of users—like @kelsewhatelse—who see it as a great reason to 'nope' right out of meetings and important decisions. And while we're fairly certain the most extreme no bones reactions are with tongue firmly planted in cheek, we're also not here to judge! If you want to wait for those bones, you do you!

So there you have it! You are now fully equipped to thrive in our new, bones-based existence. Meet your challenges head on, be a little kinder to yourself and, above all else, be a little more like Noodle.