Dance-club lights? Cute dogs? Glow sticks? "Sandstorm"?! We're in.
dachshunds in the car at a carwash at night with glow sticks
Credit: Courtesy of yunabugs / TikTok

There's never a dull day for this family of eight dachshunds. And the short —yet long!—doggies in this brood know all about some good, clean fun.

But, before we get to that, meet the weenie pack: Boots, Bandit, Peanut, Plopper, Tubby, Punkin, Einstein, and Meatball (plus Simon the cat). The low-riders—also known as sausage or wiener dogs—live with their mom and mail carrier dad.

On Jan. 31 they posted this trending video of "the Weens" at a local car wash. And within one week, the video has amassed 14.7 million views. Hot diggity dog!

The highly entertaining video—brought on by popular demand—begins with a close-up shot of each weenie snoozing on their humans' couch, each one looking all tucked in for the night. But little did they know their parents had something else in mind: a nighttime trip to the car wash.

The following footage shows their dog mom's hand placing colorful happy-face stickers and glow sticks on each precious pupper head (even Simon the cat gets one). "Prepping the hot dogs for their own personal rave," the caption reads as "Sandstorm" plays.

The next several seconds show the spunky pups bounding up a dog ramp into their car—with their fluorescent glow sticks shining bright and their mom pumping them up. Arriving at the car wash, the countdown begins.

Cue the suds, water, and dance-club lighting—the car wash dog rave has begun!

The most hilarious part, though, is a glimpse inside the car. The dogs are in full party mode with joyful and curious barks, tail-wags, and mesmerizing stares at the cleaning contraption.

Honestly, the entire scene deserves a big round of a-paws. And we're not sure who we admire more—these fun-loving pet parents or their partying pups!

Fans agree leaving comments like, "This is one of the best videos I've seen! Hilarious," and "We need their IDs they look too young for this party." Some followers even inquiring about Simon's whereabouts.

Well, we can't wait to see what else is in store for this creative family. Maybe a drive-in movie?