It's like Huffie's fur isn't even there!
cat with his head under running water
Credit: Courtesy of huffietheshorthair / TikTok

Behold this waterproof cat video, showing us that while we all love a dog or cat with long, fluffy hair, there are certainly some perks when it comes to owning a pet with shorter fur. 

This particular video, posted last week, comes from the TikTok account of Lady Huffington, a very cute British shorthair cat doing her best to take a shower under a sink's faucet. Hilariously, the water seems to simply bounce off her blue-gray fur as if the hair is barely even there. 

Huffie bemoans the lack of absorption, writing in the video caption, "When you're trying to take a shower but you're waterproof." Some of the water probably stuck to her hair, but because the shorthair has such, uh, short hair, you can't really tell. (I would compare it to anyone with a close buzz cut standing under a shower head.) 

The apparently waterproof Huffie delighted and mesmerized TikTok users. Some 5.6 million of them have watched her somehow evade the water, and a couple commenters even asked if someone had coated Huffie with Crep Protect, a spray that's used to ensure sneakers aren't soiled by liquids or stains. 

Crep Protect even chimed in with its own comment: "Officially changing our name to Cat Protect." (This should go without saying, but please don't apply shoe spray to your cats. Thank you.)

While they make for fun videos, British shorthairs' close cuts can also be a godsend to some cat owners because you barely need to fuss over their hair. One quick brushing per week will keep them in good shape. 

Plus, there are plenty of other short-haired—or even hairless—cat breeds if the British isn't your style. Don't forget, there are many short-haired dogs, too.