If at first they don't accept you, SMOTHER THEM IN YOUR LOVE.
foster cat trying to cuddle with the grumpy cat
Credit: Courtesy of hopperkitten / TikTok

Hopper and Callie are buddies, but like any good odd-couple story, it took some time to get there.

Tabby cat Hopper is, by his cat-mom's own admission, a grumpy guy. So when calico kitten Callie was introduced to the family earlier this year, there was some tension to work through. For instance, their TikTok account, @hopperkitten, features Hopper hissing when the newcomer dares to approach Hopper's toy.

But did that discourage Callie? Nope. Maybe because she was formerly a feral cat before her adoption, Callie knows how to persevere. So she just followed ol' Hopper around. Watching him eat, staring at him while he sunbathed, and invading his cat tree to have a little boxing match.

And as the weeks and months went on, Callie's sweet disposition slowly wore the curmudgeonly Hopper down. First, there were mutual (but not touching!) naps. Then came the grooming. Lots and lots of grooming. And now, Callie has little-to-no regard for Hopper's personal space, just crawling right into bed with him in the middle of the night and enjoying some (albeit begrudging) cuddles. The video of Callie nudging into her spot with Hopper under a bed has earned more than 3.4 million views on TikTok.

As you go forward from this moment and into the rest of your lives, I'd encourage you to let sweet Callie be your guide: Not everyone in the world will want to be your friend, at least not at first. But just keep being your true, delightful self, and eventually they'll give in to your charm.