The video is like a puffer jacket for your soul.

Most of us share the same vision for our doggos living their best lives: a warm, happy, comfortable little couch monster who loves adventures but is not-so-secretly spoiled rotten.

Beautiful pitty Nala is the embodiment of that ideal. Now living in Colorado with her people, Nala is a rescue from Texas who had one of her back legs amputated. These days, you can find her borrowing her mom's coat on TikTok. 

"She was a stray in Houston," mom Beth Smith tells Daily Paws. "Nobody really knows what that life was like for her. I have a feeling that she never had a home because she didn't even really know how to walk through a door when I got her.

"She wandered into a church one day and the people there noticed that she was limping pretty badly, so they took her to a shelter."

Initially put on the BARC Shelter's euthinasia list because of the severity of her leg injury, she was saved when the Lance McCullers Jr. Foundation—a pet-rescuing nonprofit founded by Houston Astros pitcher Lance McCullers Jr. and his wife Kara—stepped up and paid for the cost of surgery to have her hind leg amputated.

That surgery took place Aug. 3, 2019, after which Nala lived with pet foster mom Bonnie Mann for recovery as another Houston nonprofit, Rescued Pets Movement, organized her transfer to a facility in Colorado. That's when Smith saw Nala on PetFinder and fell in love.

"I had arranged to adopt her before she even got here," she says.

Now, not only does Nala have a loving home, but she has over 100,000 followers on her Tiktok, @Nala.The.Tripawd.

dog wearing his pet parent's coat
Credit: Courtesy of nala.the.tripawd / TikTok

There, you can see Nala going on hikes and adventures, as well as her ever-vigilant battles against her sworn enemy, sprinkler heads. But, most importantly, you can see video after video of Nala being loved and spoiled by a family who clearly adores her. A prime example of that love: Whenever Nala gets chilly on her walks through the city (as is prone to happen when you're a short-haired dog in a double-coat world), Smith will give the doggo the coat off her back.

The video is only eight seconds long, but friends, it's a quality eight seconds. My favorite is actually the second shot of Nala in a light blue puffer jacket, her little front paws sticking out the bottom like she's trying to pass as a very tiny human.

"At first I kept saying 'I'll never download Tiktok, that's for young people and teenagers'," Smith says. "But once I got Nala, I was like 'I don't know, she has cute ears, maybe people will like her'."

It's safe to say that they do. The video has 2.3 million views as of this writing and, in my humble estimation, has earned every single one of them. Eight short, effective seconds that are as heart-warming as a puffer jacket on a cold day. It's as perfect as you are, Nala. Go little rockstar.