Everyone got out safe; they’re just soggy.
man falls in pool after pup
Credit: Courtesy of awolf357 / TikTok

We've all  been in situations where we thought we could help, only to struggle in the execution and make everything just a little more complicated. This guy knows what I'm talking about.

In a TikTok posted March 9 by Arizonan Marcela Wolf, security-camera footage goes from worrisome to hilarious very quickly. The scene starts quietly enough: a man kneels in the grass, quietly working on some weeding. Nearby, a gaggle of four small dogs congregates under a picnic table.

Suddenly: disaster! The smallest of the four puppers frolics a bit too hard and plunges head-first into the nearby pool.

Aside from being soggy, everything is fine. The doggo bobs to the surface and begins paddling toward the pool edge at a quick pace. The man, alerted by the splash, stands up and walks over to the edge of the pool. This, clearly, is a job for him. He's the one with the thumbs, so he's the one who's going to make this situation better.

But sometimes even the best laid plans go awry, and today it is this poor fellow's turn to be wedgied by fate. As he leans down to grab the pup, his center of gravity goes too far over the edge and he finds himself falling, Micheal Scott-style, into the water.

Thankfully, it's a moment everyone can laugh off almost immediately. The doggo is fine, picked up by the man and deposited back on the deck, and the man himself is much soggier but no worse for the wear. He quickly climbs out of the pool and the camera pans back slightly to reveal a woman on the other side of the fence, who is almost certainly giving him a gentle ribbing over his not-so-graceful fall into the drink.

And really, that's the best thing we can take from a video like this, which has earned more than 4.9 million views so far. It's good for a quick laugh, and everyone walks away happy and healthy, if slightly more damp than when they started. (And maybe a wee bit more careful around the pool.)