Watch This Adorable Lab Puppy Hilariously Play With His Owner's In-Phone Camera

He’s looking at the dog in the mirror. He’s asking him to come and play.

puppy very interested in iphone
Photo: Courtesy of bogey_boy / TikTok

Meet Bogey. Bogey came home with his mom Carly last month and, boy, has life been an adventure! He's been learning to walk on a leash, there's been plenty of tug of war, and no shoe is safe.

But what has really set TikTok's collective heart ablaze has been Bogey discovering Bogey.

"Hey, can you guys just watch him for a second?" Carly asks the camera at the beginning of a video posted to the site last week. She then sets her phone down in front of the small, red Labrador retriever pup and walks away.

Carly leaves the room and Bogey immediately wants to get it started with the puppy in the phone, giving a little bounce toward the camera before dipping into a play stance. Then, for the next 30 seconds, we're treated to just the best puppy cuteness as Bogey lays down, gives the camera a coy side-eye, wags his tail, and makes some little growls—all in an effort to get the red puppy in the phone to come play.

Eventually, the temptation becomes too overwhelming and Bogey paws at the screen, knocking the phone over and bringing the video to an end. But that 56 seconds has racked up 17.5 million views in the five days it's been online at TikTok's @bogey_boy.

Really, the video has everything you need for a quick shot of happiness in your day: an extremely cute puppy doing extremely cute puppy things directly into your face, which is what really elevates the video from good to great in my opinion. It's first-person cuteness and I'm here for it.

Carly posted a follow-up video a day later, giving TikTok a collective second opportunity to babysit Bogey and it's equally adorable, just in case you needed a second shot.

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