This takes bonding time with your pet to a whole new level!
lab wearing chef's hat sitting in front of an oven and licking his chops
Credit: Courtesy of good.boy.ollie / TikTok

Some folks have all the talent—and that includes our furry four-legged friends! Particularly this adorable Labrador named Ollie. Ring a bell? You may remember this good boy hilariously packing a suitcase for a visit to his grandmother's house.

And he's at it again, except this time Ollie is showing off his culinary skills. Posted to TikTok on February 27 by good.boy.ollie, this video starts with the clever canine choosing an activity from his "activity jar." (The small square tin is filled with tiny folded papers, each containing a fun activity or game that Ollie enjoys—like hide and seek or feeding the ducks. You might want to copy this brilliant idea, which takes bonding with your pet to a whole new level!)

jar of paper slips with activities to do with your dog
Credit: Courtesy of good.boy.ollie / TikTok

In this new video, Ollie selects a piece of paper with his mouth and tosses it on the floor. The winner this time: baking dog treats with his dog mom. The next scene shows Ollie in full cooking mode wearing an apron, bow-tie, and chef's hat. With the caption "Let's Go," flashing across the screen, the lovable Lab begins creating his delicious dog treats.

Sitting on the floor in front of a large metal mixing bowl, Ollie holds a small measuring cup in his mouth. In it are grated carrots, which he drops into the bowl (cup and all … oops)! Next up, Ollie adds mushy banana, dog-safe peanut butter and oats—all with his doggy mouth.

Watch out, Gordon Ramsey … there's a new boy in town! Continuing to wow fans, Ollie turns on the mixer by pawing the switch—but not before stealing a lick of the tasty peanut butter! Thatta boy!

The final 20 seconds show the cute canine chef rolling out the dough with his paws pushing a rolling pin, then using cookie cutters to make dog- and heart-shaped biscuits (he had some human help on that one).

Paws-down, everything about this video is equal parts funny, impressive, and adorable and has already amassed a whopping 7.7 million views.

After the cookies come out of the oven and cool, it's finally the chef's chance to taste the yummy treats. The final seconds show Ollie going "monch, monch" on his homemade snacks.

Ollie, you are an absolute doggy delight, and we can't wait to see what you choose next time from your activity jar.