Sometimes, trying to make fetch happen is a good thing.
neighbor playing fetch with dog over fence
Credit: Courtesy of brittneygoes / TikTok

Black Labrador retriever Bounder is a very good boy. He's got a loving family, he appreciates a good walk with his people, and he enjoys spending time in his backyard.

This is the important point we're here to talk about today because it led to one of the most wholesome, delightful things I've seen in a while. Explaining the situation in a March 21 TikTok, Brittney Reynolds, Bounder's mom, says an older gentleman and his dog moved in next door after the couple living there had died. This gentleman owns a ball launcher to play with his own dog, a pit bull named Lyla. One day, Reynolds ventured into her backyard and saw this:

Sneaky boi Bounder had been getting in games of fetch on the sly, chasing down the launched balls in his own yard before returning them to the fence, where the neighbor would retrieve them via a small hole dug at the base. The March 20 TikTok showing their adorable friendship has earned about 6.8 million views.

"[Bounder] brings the ball back and [the neighbor] pulls it out on his hands and knees from under the fence, and it's so cute and I love them," Reynolds says in a TikTok.

Since making the discovery, Reynolds has befriended the gentleman next door, and she even learned that Nanette, the woman living with him, went to school with Reynolds' mother.

As for Bounder and Lyla, the two families have agreed to an open-gate policy between their two yards, which has made for some exuberant play dates for the two happy doggos.

Lyla attended Bounder's fifth birthday party April 16 and Reynolds and her neighbors continue to forge a strong bond of friendship over their shared love of dogs. Nanette even brought Bounder a present.

"I just feel so lucky," Reynolds said in a TikTok from the day after Bounder's birthday. "That my neighbor is like that. She just loves my dog and it's so sweet."