Watch These Russell Terriers Get So Dang Excited for a Fun Game of Fetch

A collection of Russell terriers all gather under one human with the all-important fetch ball, just wanting him to throw it with every fiber of their being.

Certainly you know the popular arcade game with the silver-like crane that moves across, then down to grab a lucky plush toy from a sea of adorable stuffies. Consisting of mostly luck and how many quarters you have on hand, the "claw" is a kid magnet and can be found in restaurants, malls, and, of course, Toy Story.

The famous scene, in which dozens of three-eyed alien toys inform Buzz Lightyear that "the clawwww" is their master that decides who will stay and who will go, is the perfect background audio for an extremely cute TikTok that features about 10 Russell terriers being so freakin' excited for a ball to be thrown.

Much like the Pizza Planet aliens, the baby terriers all stand in rapt attention—with very wiggly tails—as the human on the other side of the fence holds the ball over his head, ready to throw. The anticipation can be felt through the screen, especially after a little fake-out movement from their owner.

The man finally throws the single ball and the little guys and girls pelt after it. Unfortunately, the video, which Hunter's Moon Russell Terriers posted Sunday, cuts off before we find out which speedy puppy wins the coveted fetch ball.

The best part of the video, which people have watched more than 650,000 times, is the voiceover. You can hear the "chosen" alien from Toy Story saying, "I have been chosen. Farewell my friends! I go on to a better place." It's fun to imagine it coming from the winning terrier.

The whole scene displays this terrier breed's true temperament: smart and energetic dogs with big personalities who are wired for activity and love having a job. To infinity and beyond!

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