Sing us a song, you’re the piano dooooog!
dog playing piano and singing
Credit: Courtesy of iamkydd810 / TikTok

Sometimes, you just have to sing the blues. I'm not sure what happened to the doggo in this video, but whatever it was, this pupper is feeling it. In the video, uploaded by TikTok user @iamkydd810 on Thursday, the doggo—a Certified Thicc Boi—stands on its hind legs in front of an upright piano. The pup's front paws are on the keys, and it's banging out some notes while throwing its head back and howling out some real emotion.

I'm not sure if this pupper's lady left or if it lost its job down at the steel mill or if it's singing about the time it met the devil down at the crossroads, but the emotion is coming from the absolute middle of this boi's soul.

The video has so far garnered 1.1 million views on TikTok, picking up over 134,000 likes along the way. And can you blame anyone? This pupper puts out more raw emotion in 15 seconds of footage than some musical artists manage in a whole career. 

Sure, the doggo's instrumental stylings might be too esoteric for a mainstream audience to really get, and the tune would never get any airplay in today's homogenized, overly commercial Top 40 radio markets. But, like, that's just the price of true musical genius, man: The great ones are never fully appreciated in their own time.

So you keep on howlin', pupper. Keep putting that energy out into the world, knowing you're ahead of your time. Billboard may not be ready for you yet, but you'll always have a place in our hearts.