It’s a pretty inviting lake, who can blame him?
Golden Retriever steals the show in video of man proposing to his girlfriend
Credit: Courtesy of breelenehan / TikTok

There are a few life occasions everyone agrees should be unforgettable. The birth of a child, graduation day, that sort of thing. Chief among them: the day the love of your life proposes to you. It's the start of something bigger and happier for two people in love, and it's a story you'll be telling friends and family for years.

That's why we're here to celebrate Oscar, a beautiful, happy yellow Lab who knows exactly how good he has it. He lives in Australia with his mom, wellness influencer Bree Lenehan, and her boyfriend Dylan. Well, Dylan was her boyfriend, until Valentine's Day when he became Lenehan's fiancé after a lovely proposal by a lake, captured for posterity in her Instagram stories.

But while the proposal itself was picturesque and perfect, we're all here to see the moment immediately following. After Dylan stood back up and the pair were putting the ring on her finger for the first time, the camera kept rolling, and captured Oscar. Sweet, happy Oscar decided to walk into frame, take a seat, admire the picture-perfect view in front of him, and give his lil dog booty an absolutely epic itch across the grass a few feet behind the couple.

But he's not done there, because everyone knows once you've dragged your apple cart across the ground, nothing feels better than a quick dip in the lake. So there goes Oscar: cheeky dip in the water, right back out again for a little shaky-shake and a roll in the grass. Perfection. The TikTok capturing Oscar's excellent day out has so far earned more than 4.6 million views.

Eventually, Lenehan calls out to Oscar, waving her newly bedazzled ring finger at him and calling, "Look! Look!" But Oscar is only mildly interested. He jogs halfway up the hill, gives her hand a long-distance gander, thinks, "Yeah nah yeah, that's great but I'm kind of in the middle of something here" and then starts to turn back towards the lake as the footage stops.

Congratulations, Bree and Dylan. And good on ya, Oscar, you absolute legend.