Rollo is thriving in his new surroundings, and we're only a little jealous of all his fantastic adventures.
Couple embraces dog named Rollo on top of a hill
Credit: Courtesy of Anna Kowalczyk

Anna and her boyfriend came across Rollo when a close family member needed emergency heart surgery, and the pooch quickly adapted into his role as a healing force in their home. Rollo, a mini Aussie, was 10 lbs. overweight at first (more than 25 percent of his normal body weight), and the couple initially worried about how he'd adapt to their outdoorsy lifestyle. But with a few healthy lifestyle changes, Rollo was more than ready to run!

This 4-year-old pup went from barely being able to jog a mile to being Anna's best trail running buddy, constantly herding his pack along the way. Whether he's chilling in the front of a kayak or paddleboard or rocking his hiking backpack on a longer day hike, Rollo is constantly making sure his people are nearby and ready to play.