This Lab is certainly surrounded by love during her final days.

Sweet Senior Lab Surrounded by Love

For anyone's whose lost a beloved canine companion, this trending senior dog on TikTok will have you reaching for the tissues. Meet Remy: a 13-year-old Labrador retriever who crossed the rainbow bridge in 2018. But before she went, her owner captured a heartbreaking (yet oh-so-sweet) video of this senior girl going on a "walk" alongside her dedicated doggo siblings.

The video posted by TikTok account mylabrachildren starts off with chocolate-colored Remy laying on her dog bed situated on top of a wheeled cart. The senior pupper is being pulled by her owner in the middle, flanked by a yellow and chocolate Lab on each side. The caption reads, "Never give up on your dog. There are things we can do to help them on their journey."

dog laying in cart pulled by two labs and owner
Credit: Courtesy of mylabrachildren / TikTok

While the touching song "Love Someone" by Lukas Graham plays in the background, adorable grey-muzzled Remy happily rides in the cart, barking excitedly along the way. A heart-wrenching caption overlays the footage: "They said I should put my dog to sleep. I said no. I will do whatever it takes to keep her happy." A sentiment shared by many of us pet parents!

The video (posted on October 15) has attracted more than 2 million views and thousands of condolence messages about losing a four-legged friend. One supporter posting: "Your fur baby will tell you when it's time … They deserve all the love until the end." And others sharing stories of their own pet losses, plus words of encouragement during the grief process.

It's true—losing a fur baby is devastating. Keeping them comfortable in their final days is just one way you can honor their lives. And when it's time to say goodbye, your vet can help you through the end-of-life process. There are many ways to honor your furry friend after they're gone, but sometimes the most helpful thing is remembering that you're not alone.

So, here's to Remy and all our pet family members who have crossed the rainbow bridge. Rest in peace sweet pup—we're certain that you left pawprints on hearts everywhere (especially those Labs by your side).