Jax’s gift to the bride and groom: a photo shoot they’ll never forget.
dog running from wedding pics towards lake with groomsman chasing him
Credit: Courtesy of alexsimonproductions / TikTok

Wedding photographer Alex Simon uses his TikTok account to showcase his work. Last week, he posted footage of a wedding party that involved a dog—a thicc boi named Jax. At first, everything went exactly as you'd hope: a bunch of handsome, well-dressed fellows line up with their equally handsome doggo, who's soaking up every bit of the limelight because he's clearly the star of the show.

But it didn't take long before Jax decided this party was missing something—a wild card. While everyone's attention is on the photographer, Jax realizes there's a whole lake behind him and seizes the moment to investigate every inch of that baby, post haste.

Like a chonky bullet, Jax—who looks to be an American Stafforshire terrier—takes off toward the water, abandoning his spot between the groom and a groomsman. A half-second later, the groom is turning to run after him, but it's too late.

Shoutout to the valiant groomsman who takes it upon himself to go sprinting after Jax so the groom doesn't have to. But it's all futile, because Jax is a bread truck and is absolutely hauling those buns.

By the time the groomsman catches up to Jax, he's reached the edge of the lake and the human in this scenario suddenly has nice shoes and a rented tuxedo to take into consideration. Jax, on the other hand, is bound by no such constraints. The groomsman makes a half-hearted swipe for the leash but whiffs badly, and with a splash of delight, Jax is in the lake. Where he belongs. Where we all belong.

That's where the video leaves the 7.8 million people who've viewed it: standing at the edge of a lake, clapping and calling for a happy dog who has no intention of coming out of the water. I like to think he's there still, frolicing like the little champion he is.

Yes, Jax, yes. Good boy. And congratulations to the bride and groom.