Move over Tom Brady, we've got a new GOAT.
Crouton the Corgi limbo master doing the limbo on the beach
Credit: Courtesy of socalcorgibeachday / Instagram

Old age and a cancer diagnosis aren't stopping Pembroke Welsh corgi Crouton from becoming the greatest of all time. She'll always go as low as it takes.

The sweet white-and-gold corgi just shimmied her way to victory for the seventh time at the corgi limbo contest during Corgi Beach Day in Huntington Beach, Calif. With seven titles, we have to assume she's the corgi limbo equivalent of Tom Brady. So how did she do it? By using patience and finesse.

After placing 14-year-old Crouton in the sand and getting very low herself, her owner coaxes Crouton under the bar with an adorable cue: "wiggle wiggle." As thousands watch, Crouton lowers her belly to the sand and begins to army-crawl forward. She gets her ears past—gotta be the hardest part—before deliberately wiggling the rest of her body under the bar.

"I think she's gonna make it," the announcer says in a TikTok video of Crouton's limboing before letting loose a celebratory "yeeahhhh!"

Her victory came in early April at the first Corgi Beach Day of the year. (The next one is in October and you know we're already looking for flights). Despite the cute encouragement, the corgi owners and trainers who attend take corgi limbo quite seriously.

"The limbo competition gets really intense," Kelly McLemore, co-founder of Corgi Beach Day, tells Daily Paws. "The crowd gets really into it—and Crouton has won almost every single year."

Corgi Beach Day is about 10 years old. What started as a small gathering coordinated by co-founders Kelly and Dan McLemore had expanded to include hundreds of people, and they decided it was time to start including some competitions and activities to spice up the festival. They included corgi yoga, best corgi momo (aka best corgi butt, a contest we wish we'd known about sooner), musical corgi chairs, and, of course, corgi limbo.

"We came up with most of the contests ourselves," Kelly says. "We came up with corgi limbo because corgis are low anyway, and I just thought, 'Why not?' Now people train them to crawl under the stick and go low—it's so cute!"

Crouton has certainly had enough training. This year, more than 12,000 people witnessed her seventh victory, certainly the sweetest yet. Crouton was diagnosed with stage 4 nasal adenocarcinoma—nose cancer—in August, which forced her to undergo several rounds of radiation treatment and chemotherapy.

"At 14 years old and fighting cancer I'm slower than I used to be," reads Crouton's Instagram post celebrating the victory, "But thank you all for cheering me on. Your support and love mean so much."

We'll always be cheering you on, Crouton!