All he needs is a little power tie and a cell phone.
Boji the dog commutes
Credit: Courtesy of @boji_ist / Twitter

​​Boji the commuting street dog is not like other strays wandering the streets of Istanbul. No, not at all. This dog rides the train, catches the ferry' and even rides in elevators! The most amazing part of Boji's incredible story—which now spans social media accounts that fans have started to share selfies with the famous pooch—is that he seems to have such a sense of purpose everywhere he goes.

This popular commuter is a genuine champ as he goes about his business. His matter-of-fact way of seeming to know exactly where he's going has captured the attention and hearts of people all over the world along his way.

In a video provided by New Delhi-based WION News, we see Boji running to catch the ferry like it's nobody's business but his own. Where is he going? Who knows, but he's clearly intent on not missing the boat. Once he's onboard, this is when the video goes from good to great.

Watch him go! Boji walks around the boat deck like he owns the place, barking at the wake behind the ferry before he finds his favorite seat and plops down for a rest. Two of his fellow commuters even move their bags and scoot over to accommodate him—more than most on New York City's subway system would do, amiright?

For their part, the good folks at Istanbul Metro have done their level best to give Boji the VIP (Very Important Pupper) treatment. They tell WION that the dog is allowed to ride and nobody ever hassles him for a ticket.

"He knows where to go, and he knows where to get off," Customer Relations Head Aylin Erol tells WION as Boji lounges in the background. "It was quite interesting."

Boji is a popular pup with Istanbul commuters, who share videos and photos with the famous pooch via Instagram (@boji_ist) and on Twitter. There, he delights followers with smiling selfies alongside his fans, and shows off more of his skills navigating public transportation.

We'd be thrilled to run into Boji on our morning commutes. What could be better than a happy tail-wag before you head into the office? But Boji's commuting antics still leave us with so many lingering questions: Where does he come from? Where does he go? He's wearing a collar, so who are his people?  How does he know what times the ferry arrives and when to get off?

Many of these questions are destined to remain unanswered. But that doesn't make Boji and his daily commute any less fantastic. And hats off to you, Istanbul Metro, for letting a Very Good Boi get where he needs to go.