Nobody puts Beano in the corner. Unless it’s the corner where his food dish is.
cat concentrating on playing right before the automatic feeder goes off
Credit: Courtesy of couvieandkitty / TikTok

If you've ever had to wait longer than you wanted to take your lunch break or gotten a little hangry in the middle of the day, you know that the world better stay out of your way when you finally get to have that next meal.

That's why we can relate to Beano the cat and his single-minded obsession with his automatic feeder. In a video posted to TikTok on Feb. 22 by user @couvieandkitty, we see clip after clip of Beano engaged in a series of activities, all of which get dropped with a suddenness that would make Pavlov proud the moment his automatic feeder does its thing.

Over the course of seven short clips, it's the same story: "oh I'm playing" *wrrrrrrr* "I'm running!" "This is a nice moment, shared with my human," *wrrrrrrr* "Back off Alana, I'm starving!"

Let's break down Beano's feats of gastro-athletic prowess—which have so far earned 9 million views—together, ESPN style.

Clip 1: Beano sits behind a pillow, there's a floofy toy involved, and everyone is being adorable and delightfu—oh just kidding there's the food sound, we're running to the bowl with a very generous assist from the wall, bumping him in the right direction. 8/10.

Clip 2: Beano is standing next to a dresser when the feeder triggers, resulting in the black cat's feet spinning madly against the hardwood floor like he's in a Tom & Jerry cartoon before finally getting traction and rocketing off down the hall. 7/10.

Clip 3: "Belly rubs. This is nice, I'm so relaxed … Back off I hear the food noise!" 9/10.

Clip 4: This makes me think Beano can tell time. He's on the cat tree and it looks like he was in the middle of a play session but, as the clip starts, he's already looking off camera. The human wiggles the toy at him, but Beano is no longer paying attention. Then there's the food noise and boom! He's gone. He rounds the corner and—plot twist!—the humans have put out an obstacle course. But it only gives Beano a second's worth of pause before he's over it and face-deep in that sweet, sweet bowl. 8/10.

Clip 5: Chilling on the bed, running to the bowl. Short and sweet. 6/10.

Clip 6: Another quick one. This time, a human seems to be trying to distract our hero with a complex series of hand movements, but Beano is not swayed. Food noise hits, kitty splits. 7/10.

Clip 7: Beano is chilling on the cat tree near the window, having a little gaze at the world below, but then there's food noise and he is off that pedestal like a rocket, flying at eye level past a very surprised human as he soars to the food beyond. Frankly, any injuries humans may sustain from the kitty projectile would be entirely their fault. They knew the risks when they entered the home. 10/10.