The butt simply won't stop wiggling.

This Vizsla meeting a puppy of the same breed for the first time is bringing us immense joy, courtesy of an especially wiggly butt.

The continuous tail-wagging begins with Reyna's initial reaction to meeting the small, sweater-clad Vizsla puppy in a TikTok posted by her mom, Ellie Treece, on Sunday. The two new friends first met each other through a glass door, but they were soon nose-to-nose as they got used to each other's company.

Vizsla adult dog sleeping with Vizsla pupply
Credit: Courtesy of ellie_treece / TikTok

Reyna was so excited that she even started to whimper, and eventually the two started to play. As far as we can tell, her tail never stopped wagging, except maybe when the pair finally settled down for a nap—big dog spooning the puppy.

According to Treece, Reyna thought the puppy "was her own," which would certainly explain her loving behavior. So far, people have watched the incredibly cute play date more than 3.1 million times.

Some of them even stuck around to watch the meet-up from the puppy's point of view, which is just as cute. On Monday, Treece even posted a video of Reyna looking out her front door as if she's waiting for the puppy to come back.

We're happy to report that the two will be reunited soon enough. Treece wrote in the TikTok comments that the puppy belongs to one of her friends and "they'll be seeing each other often." 

Thank goodness! Keeping them apart would constitute a borderline criminal offense.