Everyone loves a good day at the park, including these guys and their best friends.
A dog on a blue park swing
Credit: Victoria Rak / Shutterstock

Park days rule. Sign us up for the picnics, games, and sunbathing. And we can do all that with our dogs? Even better. 

One such gentleman in England was likely enjoying such a park day with his dog back in 2019, when a camera captured him gently pushing a black dog around a spinning seesaw at a local playground. 

It's one of the most wholesome things we've ever seen. The dog appears to be loving his time on the playground, and the guy is treating the dog like they're his child—which is what we should all be doing, frankly. 

The viral video recently made a resurgence on TikTok recently, where its earned nearly 3 million views. (The addition of the Disney music is a nice touch.) That's all the excuse we need to watch it a few more times and smile. 

But the genre of granddads playing with their pups at the park is hardly limited to just this one man. Check out this guy, for instance:

We can only assume this gent and his pooch are having a blast together, though we have to wonder how an average game of fetch turned into a scenario where Fido is being pushed on a swing. (Hopefully he doesn't get motion sickness easily!)

These clips are so adorable it gets us all misty. But before you try plopping down your dog on a swing, make sure they'll actually enjoy the experience. If they don't appear to like doing this, stop! You'll want to make sure they aren't stressed. And there are plenty of other fun activities (hiking, anyone?!) that you can enjoy together outside if they're just not that into your idea of a fun time on the swing set.