Tubes, ledges, and ladders. It has it all!

This might be the best cat room ever, complete with an obstacle course that hangs high above the floor for a pair of ragdoll cats to enjoy.

The fantastic playroom comes to us from the TikTok account belonging to Double and Simba, a pair of cats living in Australia. In a video posted Sept. 6, the cats' owner tosses a toy onto a translucent tube suspended on the wall near the ceiling. That's when the magic happens.

cat obstacle course on TikTok
Credit: Courtesy of double_simba / TikTok

One of the cats sees the prized toy and climbs up a ladder, attached to another nearby wall, to investigate. He decides he wants that toy, turns around, and proceeds to hop from element to element that are festooned to the room's walls. 

In all, he hops, trots, and glides across 12 ledges, bridges, tubes to retrieve his toy. He then does the whole thing over again, dodging his brother on the way down, before hilariously smushing his face right into the toy when he reaches the ground. 

It's a delightful video, which people have watched a mind-blowing 40.8 million times. Double and Simba's human even followed up with several other videos of them lounging in the tunnels and overflowing the bowl-shaped bubbles.

Their owner told the cats' followers that they bought all the obstacle course's implements from overseas, so you won't have much luck mimicking their awesome playroom. If you want to try your hand at creating your own play palace for kitties, remember cats love to climb, jump, and play. Cat climbing trees and DIY catios where they can safely explore the outdoors are a great place to start.